Instant Gratification Radishes

Texas has seen a very mild winter which led to a very early garden this year.  Maybe it was the lack of sunlight that messed with our judgement, but we went way out of our comfort zone to plant a different set of veggies this year.  The most surprising pick was radishes.  These red little guys are have a satisfying crispness followed by a kick-in-pants spiciness.  The best part is that we already get to harvest them, just a month after planting.


If you are thinking about planting radishes this year, it is not too late.  They are ready for harvest about 20-30 days after planting, leaving time for several rounds.  Most of the other garden plants have not grown large yet, so sowing a few rows of radishes in between other plants also works well if you sow them early.

The snails and caterpillars are merciless, so you will have to work a little to control them.  I don’t have much advice on the caterpillars except to check under leaves occasionally and toss them into your least favorite neighbor’s yard.  Snails, I found, can be controlled by rolled oats.  For about a dollar’s worth of delicious fiber, you can put up a fairly effective snail barrier.  The snails apparently love them some oats for dinner, bloat up, and die.  I haven’t actually seen any dead escargot, but I have noticed they have laid off the veggies.  For a dollar, I can’t really complain.

Mmmmm… Time to eat some radishes!


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