Saving Summer’s Bounty

After a short walk this morning, my husband and I spent pretty much the whole day in the kitchen.  We picked up our CSA veggies yesterday and were blessed with all of our favorite pickling veggies.  Our bin contained three huge cucumbers and over a pound of okra.

We had some luck with quick refrigerated pickles a few weeks ago, but we decided we would put in the extra effort to can them this time.  After slicing the cucumbers, I had trouble keeping from gobbling them all up.

I bought the Ball ‘Complete Book of Home Preserving’ last year, but I have to say that my favorite pickle recipes are by Food Network’s Emeril Lagasse.  His spicy pickled okra and spicy dill pickles are the perfect way to preserve the summer’s bounty.

I think they are so pretty too.  Why doesn’t Vlasic add peppercorns and arbol chilies to their pickles?

My favorite part of it is that my husband likes to cook with me.  The couple that cooks together stays together!  Happy eating, everyone!


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