So Manly! Cellphone Sleeve

My husband has been toting around an iPhone for work lately.  The way he has been tossing it is casually in his computer bag makes me cringe.  I mean, shouldn’t it get a little bit of protection?  It is naked after all!

I then came up with this cellphone sleeve that is fit for a man.  With clean lines, dark cotton yarn, and no frills, this is one of the few crocheted objects that he is willing to use.

So Manly! Phone Sleeve -

 This design is so simple that I did not create a .pdf version.  It is intended for an iPhone, but can be adapted for any phone (tablet or e-reader as well) with or without a hard case.

So Manly! Phone Sleeve -

You will need a worsted weight cotton yarn (in manly colors!) and a 4.0mm G-6 crochet hook.  Gauge is not critical.

1.) Tie a slip knot onto your hook.  Create a chain the length of the bottom of the phone.  Then Ch two more times.

2.) DC into the second stitch from the hook.  DC in each stitch along the chain.  When you get to the end of the chain, DC a second time into the first stitch and turn.

3.) Now DC along the opposite side of the chain.  The stitches should start to form a tiny canoe and not a flat oval. When you have completed the row, Sl St back into the first DC on the other side to complete the canoe.  Check that end of the phone (with hard case if you have one) can snuggly fit in to get an idea if it is sized correctly.

4.) Ch 2 then DC into the next stitch.  DC all the way around.  I like to work in spirals, so instead of finishing the row with a Sl St, DC into the first stitch of the row.

5.) Now that you have created the spiral, continue to DC in each stitch until you get the correct length.  Occasionally slip the phone into the sleeve to see if it is completely covered.  Once the case is long enough, DC to the fold in the side of the case.

6.) To even out the spiral, SC in each stitch until you are two stitches from the next fold.  Then Sl St in the last two stitches of the row.  Tie off and weave in the end.

So Manly! Phone Sleeve -

Voila! Now your phone is protected in (manly) style!

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