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So Manly! Cellphone Sleeve

My husband has been toting around an iPhone for work lately.  The way he has been tossing it is casually in his computer bag makes me cringe.  I mean, shouldn’t it get a little bit of protection?  It is naked after all! I then came up with this cellphone sleeve that is fit for a […]

Easy Peasy Pacifier Clip

My little Peanut was born earlier this year, and he has successfully kept me from blogging until now.  He hasn’t entirely kept me from crocheting however.  Instead, I have turned in my amigurumi for baby patterns. My friends have had a baby boom this year as well.  With so many babies on my mind, the […]

Adventure Baby! Newborn Aviator Hat

The itch to create a new project set in over Thanksgiving, and a few hours later a cute baby hat was born. I was impressed with the interest in my tiger hat pattern.  It only made sense to offer this hat pattern as well.  You can download the pdf pattern for free by clicking the […]

Big Kitty! Tiger Hat

It only took me a few months, but I finally completed my first crochet pattern!  My pattern is the Tiger Hat that I showed back in April. The pattern is available for free in pdf format from this site:  Click here to download If you try it out and have questions, feel free to email […]